Enjoy the Fun of an Online Casino in Canada

It’s hard to match the thrill and excitement of playing in a casino, be it table games or slot machines. However, the journey to the bright lights at Niagara or Windsor can be difficult. The Internet has made it possible for gamers to enjoy gambling online in Canada. Are you curious about how safe, secure, and legal it is, or how to get started? Then read on.

Is Gambling at an Online Casino Legal in Canada?

First and foremost, let’s start off by saying that there is no law prohibiting players from utilizing digital casinos in Canada. That doesn’t mean the legal picture is cut and dried, however. Many consider the issue of running an Internet gambling establishment in the country a grey area. Local Canadian businesses are not granted licensing or permits to operate any form of Internet casino. That being said, offshore casinos do host dedicated Canadian servers, normally housed on the Kahnawake native reserve.

Situated on the reserve, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission utilizes its special legal position under Canadian law to offer permits for all sorts of casino activities, including digital table games, sports betting, and slot machines. These dedicated servers actually provide online gambling services throughout the whole of North America and not just Canada.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission sets out fairly stringent standards with regard to issuing licenses. Dedicated to ensuring a safe and fair environment for players, the commission requires an in-depth application process for any possible gaming establishment. Players can submit complaints against any licensed gaming sites, allowing the commission oversight to ensure equitable play among all players. The commission was established in 1999, giving it a relatively long history of monitoring online gaming activity.

With all this in mind, players can be assured that, while online gaming remains a technical grey area, the legal status of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission allows players legally to enjoy an online casino in Canada, without worrying about the ramifications from the perspective of national law.

Some provinces have individual laws regulating gaming within their territory, and these can be easily checked. Again, the provincial restrictions tend to be directed towards the gaming establishment, rather than the players themselves, allowing players to feel secure in their ability to enjoy online casinos for real money. Additionally, the majority of provincial governments have moved towards a tolerant attitude to Internet gaming, instituting online lotteries, and poker games in some instances. While offshore gambling has yet to be tested in a court case, there is no restriction that prevents players from enjoying an online casino in Canada.

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Are There Age Restrictions for Online Gambling in Canada?

Canadian online casinos apply the same rules and regulations to gambling that are found throughout the provinces. In most of the country, the legal gambling age stands at 19. Residents of Quebec are able to participate in digital gambling at the age of 18. Digital casinos engage in strong age-verification practices to ensure that only legal gamblers can play.

Are Online Casinos in Canada Safe?

With plenty of news stories about data breaches and concerns about personal information available on the Internet, many potential players could be worried about this aspect of online gaming. Digital casinos are keenly aware of this concern and work fastidiously to address it. From the perspective of taking payments and money, many casinos offer a plethora of ways to pay, to ensure that gamers feel comfortable providing financial data. These can include simple options, like major credit cards, including Visa and Mastercard. Many casinos include other payment processors, including Skrill, Neosurf, and Bitcoin.

These payment options are provided by the casinos to establish a level of confidence that the financial and personal information of the players will be secure. When you are selecting a digital casino, make sure that the casino accepts funds from your preferred source.

Is Play in Online Casinos Fair?

Naturally, when gaming is controlled by a computer, some potential players can be concerned about the fairness of the play across the board in games. When in a physical casino, one can see the cards and the dealer. This is not the case online, so that some skepticism may arise. Thankfully, this concern is alleviated by a number of governing bodies that help certify the fairness of play in digital casinos.

First and foremost is the previously mentioned Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which has the responsibility to ensure fair gaming for Canadian citizens. However, protection for players doesn’t stop there. Many other agencies provide oversight and regulation of online casinos that can help you feel secure in your gaming.

One such agency is the Malta Gaming Authority. Initially established to regulate terrestrial gaming in the island nation, the MGA was one of the first bodies to wade into the area of Internet gambling. With the sector now forming a significant proportion of the country’s GDP, Malta and its gaming authority place a lot of importance on online gaming, with several key tenets, including:

  • Encouraging a safe environment for gamers, including protecting underage individuals
  • Rigorous oversight, licensing and regulation of gaming companies
  • Ensuring a secure environment for the funds of players, including transfers of payments and winnings
  • All games and gaming devices are regulated and audited to ensure fairness and true randomness of the games involved
  • Protection of digital gambling from criminal elements and the safeguarding of the rights of all involved players

The Malta Gaming Authority certifies many digital casinos, and their stamp of approval can inspire gamers to feel confident in the fairness of games. A similar authority is operated by the government of the Caribbean nation of Curaçao. Many reputable digital casino sites will seek out the accreditation of multiple gaming commissions and authorities in order to encourage the confidence of potential gamers. When selecting the best online casino for you, keep these certifications in mind.

These bodies are all government agencies that regulate the industry. However, there is another prominent organization that helps to regulate online casinos. The eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, known as eCOGRA for short, was formed specifically to help ensure the fairness and regulation of online gaming. eCOGRA has established a strong set of principles to help govern fairness in online gaming, and their seals are highly respected. If you are looking for legitimate digital casinos, eCOGRA certifications are a great place to start.

What Kind of Gaming Can Be Experienced at an Online Casino?

One of the cool things about the digital casinos is that, from the comfort of your own home, you can replicate all of the best aspects of playing at a traditional casino. In fact, you can avoid some of the drawbacks of traditional casinos, including crowded machines or tables, which may prevent you from playing the games you like most. However you like to gamble, you can find an experience to match your style in an Internet casino.

For slot games, there are digital casinos that feature over 1,000 different titles. Obviously, there is no need to wait for machines or deal with crowds. Any game that appeals to your style is available for you to play immediately. If slot gaming is important to you, you should be able to browse the selection of games to see the casino that fits you best. For a higher-level approach, one thing to explore is which slot game developers work with specific online casinos. You may find a developer that creates slot machines that you really like and enjoy, and this can make a casino a good fit. If a casino works with a game developer that doesn’t appeal to you, this can be an indicator that this one isn’t the best option for you.

Internet casinos also offer a host of table games to replicate the full terrestrial experience. This includes classic card games like blackjack. Beyond just basic card games, online casinos feature different variations on these games, with various side bets and themes that match some of the house rules that you’ll find in conventional casinos. This means that gamers can enjoy a host of different game experiences, all within a few clicks.

Apart from card games, many digital casinos also offer another casino staple, which is roulette. Similarly to the card games, most online casino sites offer different styles of roulette to keep things fresh for players.

One of the most rapidly growing gambling segments, both in Canada and around the world, is sports gambling. Online sportsbooks are also an option in Canada, allowing gamblers to select sporting events all over the world. Truly, with all of these types of gaming, online gamblers can replicate every aspect of the casino experience with real money online.

Are There Different Types of Online Casinos?

Briefly, there are several different types of casinos, both in terms of how the experience is delivered and the medium in which the gamer can play.

  • Flash Instant Play: This is the easiest and quickest option for the player. These casinos only require online registration, and funds deposited into the account. It is solely hosted in the Internet browser, which means a player’s history can be deleted by clearing the browser history or browsing in private mode. It offers a lot of advantages in terms of ease of use and access. The downsides are that browser hosting doesn’t allow as robust customization for games, features, and graphics. For those looking to play covertly, it can be easy for gamers to play at these casinos on work or public computers, since the information can be deleted with the browser history.

  • Downloaded Casino Apps: Offering some more in-depth features and graphics, these Internet casinos require users to install a proprietary application on their computer or mobile. This makes this type of online casino more permanent, so that it should only be used on personal devices. With this setup, casinos have the ability to create a stronger in-game experience for players. It’s a little bit more labor-intensive than the Flash casinos, but some players may prefer the experience.

  • Live Casinos: Some gamers still prefer casinos with a real card dealer, rather than games that depend purely on a computer algorithm. To cater to these types of customers, some digital casinos have created a live experience, complete with dealer. The appeal to customers is pretty obvious. The most significant downsides are that the experience requires high-speed Internet, a good webcam, and solid bandwidth. Without these features, the in-game experience for players will be clunky and non-functional.

  • Virtual Reality Online Casinos: The cutting edge of the digital casino industry, virtual reality is poised to be the future of at-home gambling. Using virtual-reality headsets, which can be combined with a smartphone, gamers can get a full three-dimensional gaming experience. Since the technology is continuing to grow in both ability and popularity, the number of Internet casinos offering this feature, while still relatively small, is increasing.

In addition to the various types of casinos and applications that are available, players must also take into consideration the device they like to use - smartphone (Android or iPhone), tablet or desktop. Not every casino provides full functionality for every medium; for example, many casinos don’t fully support play on Mac computers. By deciding which devices you will be playing on and checking compatibility with the various gaming establishments, you can select the best online casino for your requirements.

Do Internet Casinos Offer Bonuses for New Players?

Absolutely. As Internet gambling continues to grow rapidly, there is growing competition for the pool of players. Many casinos make compelling offers to attract new players in the hope that they will become regular customers. Generally, these bonuses come in a few forms. However, many of these bonuses do come with particular rules and restrictions, including wagering requirements or deposit minimums. Carefully read the terms and conditions of the particular offer to make sure you fully understand the strings attached to the offer. With this in mind, you should be able to find a fantastic offer to try out a new digital casino.

  • Free Spins: Particularly with online casinos which feature a lot of slot machine play, many new players will be offered free spins. There are a few special restrictions with this particular bonus. Oftentimes, there will be minimum gambling requirements or a specified deposit amount. In addition, the free spins will often have a maximum cash-out amount, which may prevent new players from winning big jackpots while playing on free spins. Comparing these restrictions may give some casinos the edge for new players. Occasionally, these bonuses are also offered to promote new machines or games.

  • No Deposit Bonuses: This is one of the most sought-after bonuses for any online casino in Canada and around the world. It enables new players to try a casino without any deposit whatsoever. It can take the form of free spins or a dollar amount of free play, or a combination of the two.

  • Deposit Matches: Many Internet casinos will offer new players the chance to get a bigger bang for their buck by matching initial deposits. Normally, the bigger the deposit, the more the casino will match. Oftentimes, this welcome bonus will also have special requirements, including minimum cash-out amounts, but it can be a stellar way to increase your initial spend without a huge cash deposit.

Digital casinos are always looking for creative ways to get new players or to increase activity among existing players. Sometimes they will offer special promo codes to be used at the digital cashier. We will have a list of offers both to help you make the right selection and get you the best deal on your gaming experience.

Do Online Casinos Offer Loyalty Programs?

For sure. With so many options out there for online gamblers, casinos are always striving for maximum customer retention, and loyalty programs are an excellent way to do this. While not every establishment has one of these programs, it can be a big boon to gamers who opt to play at one place, as it offers extra perks and benefits for continued play at one casino.

Loyalty programs have a variety of levels and benefits. Sometimes the level can be determined by your initial deposit, giving those willing to make a bigger early deposit a boost in the loyalty program. After that, most programs focus on repeated play on a points system, with bigger bets earning more points and helping the gamer achieve elite status faster.

Benefits and perks will vary from program to program and grow as the player’s status grows. Early benefits may be smaller, including a free daily spin. As the status grows, so too will the level of perk. Expedited withdrawals, dedicated online casino hosts, extra free-play bonuses, and overall VIP status are just some examples of the bonuses offered to high-rolling players.

In addition to the gaming rewards, many loyalty programs offer their players the ability to use their reward points in a store, giving them the chance to customize their experience and use their loyalty to their advantage in the best possible way.

With a wide variety of options for Internet casino loyalty programs, there are a few things that can make a program stand out. Make sure the rewards you want are attainable. If you are likely to be a casual player, look for a program that favors this, rather than focusing all its value on high-rolling players. As with the casinos themselves, choosing a loyalty program is about achieving the right fit. Finding the one that best suits your style will ensure that you have a fun experience from start to finish.

Selecting the Best Online Casino

There is no hard-and-fast answer as to a simple best digital casino. This is a highly personal decision, and you should take into account a lot of factors. Deciding what is most important for you will help you to make the decision. Our job at NOX isn’t to tell you which is the best digital casino; instead, it’s to present you with all the factors that go into the decision and allow you to start playing where you will have the most fun. Some of the major factors that should influence your decision are as follows.

  • Payment Methods Accepted. Ensure that you feel comfortable that one of your preferred methods of payment is accepted by the Internet casino of your choice.

  • Reputable Accreditations: All legal digital casinos are certified by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, but seek out additional third-party permits, including those from the governments of Malta or Curaçao, or the independent company eCOGRA.

  • Game Selection: Whether you are interested in slots, table games, or sportsbooks, make sure the casino you are selecting offers the games you like to play. Some Internet casinos offer a ton of variety, over 1,000 different games, while others focus on providing a high-quality experience for a smaller number of games.

  • Casino Experience: Deciding how you’d like to game is important as well. Choosing between Flash, downloaded, live, or virtual reality will have an influence on the online casino you wind up selecting.

  • Gambling Platform: Online gambling games aren’t restricted to just computers anymore. Between Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, tablets, or smartphones, there are a plethora of ways to play. Just make sure any selection you make is compatible with the ways you want to play.

  • Sign-up Bonus: While selecting a new digital casino based on the sign-up bonus isn’t very sustainable for the long run, a solid bonus in either a deposit match or free spins can certainly be a good start.

  • Loyalty Programs: Checking if an online casino has a loyalty program that works for you, with rewards that you find both valuable and attainable, can be a big difference-maker in selecting the best option for you.

These factors are among the many that can help you make the best decision. Digital gambling should be all about having a safe and fun gambling experience. At NOX, we’re happy to provide you with all the information you need in order to have the most-possible fun while playing online.