eCheck Casino features

Offers at the online casino are experiencing improvements every day. These recorded improvements constantly relate to games, but not only. They also concern the means of payment. The electronic wallet industry is developing Switzerland fast as online casino customers would think of a heyday of e-Banking. Except that we cannot be sure that each day is vector of a novelty in this area. Among these many ways to pay at the casino, there one more way an eCheck casino.

What is eCheck

eCheck is a payment method available only to residents of Canada. eCheck Canada is an electronic check service that eliminates the use of a credit card because funds are directly debited from the cardholder's account. Like the e-Carte Bleue, each check is assigned a single-use number, with an electronic identification system. It's even possible to create your own checks securely on your computer with the Netchex system. Each means of payment comes with its strengths and weaknesses.

ECheck casino offer bonuses to gamers who use eCheck PayPal as their payment method. Also, it adds the time gain for the online player.

How to use eChecks to play in an online casino?

Today, if you plan to make deposits or withdrawals at the casino based on a check, know that the eChecks method is yours as the easiest way to pay by check. Since the traditional check takes you more time than the electronic one and carries even more risks.

What are the benefits of eChecks?

EChecks' strengths focus on security, privacy and time savings. Indeed, the electronic check or eChecks is carried by technology at the forefront based on an advanced encryption system. This system not only guarantees the security of the user data but also that of the check. Remember how far the traditional check goes. It passes from hand to hand and becomes exposed to theft. ECheck casino prefers this method because it cannot be stolen and cannot contain major errors.

The eChecks Financial Service System is monitored on an ongoing basis. The fight against fraud is, therefore, appropriate. The substitution of paper checks by the electronic check has had a positive effect that has not only facilitated security but the speed and reduction of transaction costs.

The other advantage of the eChecks lies in the speed of processing operations. Certainly, the duration varies depending on the online casino. But it usually takes only two days at most, ie 24 to 48 hours from the launch of the operation. This process involves transferring the credits from the customer's bank account to the casino's player account after the funds check. As soon as this is over, the client starts playing with their funds. And it's the same for withdrawals. It's faster than the traditional check.

This method has been acclaimed in Canadian eCheck casino because it has a low cost of operation. Although it is not free, it offers a lower cost compared to the use of the traditional check or the use of a bank transfer. This cost varies from 30 cents to $ 1.50 at most.

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What are the inconveniences of eChecks?

The first limit that can be found with the use of the electronic check is that it sometimes takes a long time for processing. It obviously depends on the casino. The processing times vary from one casino to another. In some casinos they taking more than 72 hours. It is therefore important to do some research before choosing a casino so you do not have to suffer this slowness.

Secondly, you may be limited to a number of transactions per period, for example twice in 48 hours if your account has not been verified with ID. Also, some eCheck casino often take advantage of this fact for voluntary delay of payment. However, this limitation disappears by performing verification with ID and validation with a photo.

Third, your earnings withdrawals could be temporarily blocked. Indeed, many casinos allow customers to start playing with unverified funds so they do not waste time. Without the check being verified, they can play. But in this case, the earnings withdrawals are subordinated to the total verification to be effective.

What is eCheck payment process at the online casino?

To use the electronic check, the online player will have a standard checking account. It provides for this purpose, basic data: name, first name, account number, verification of the routing number. His identity card is first received by email or fax. The eChecks financial service, through this process, fights against electronic checks without funds and Switzerland against fraud. To note that, eCheck is a PayPal service so most eCheck casino accepting PayPal in Canada automatically accepts eCheck. The issuance of the check is favored by online forms that the player simply fills in to trigger the eChecks deposit or withdrawal process.

By electronic means, payment is taken from the cheques issuer's account and deposited into the payee's account. The operation is for the designated casino through a merchant account. The money is, therefore directly withdrawn from the customer's account. This obtains prior authorization from the latter. The authorization is, for certain casinos, automatic according to the adhesion of the customer to the general conditions. Otherwise, they are called for authorization.

What is the process to prepare an ECheck?

Many people could still remember the simplicity of writing a check to pay for a purchase, but the modern era of technology and online payments requires a safer and more advanced method. An ECheck is closest to a paper check, and it allows anyone to transact with eCheck casino. The process is simple, since preparing an ECheck requires the bank's transit number, bank account number, and name on the bank account. The information that is usually printed on a paper check is identical to that required for online casinos that accept ECheck.

The process saves the time to go to the bank to get a check or to order checks because account holders often do not have one in their possession. Once the information is given to the ECheck website, the customer's bank will process the deposit and forward it to the ECheck online casino. The approval may take a few days, but the additional security measure is often appreciated by customers who want the highest level of security for their transactions.

What security and honesty does eCheck Canada offer?

Any serious casino would consider security a priority. Electronic encryption has improved considerably in recent years. This avoids intrusions into the databases of eCheck casino, fraud or theft of confidential data. For the user, transferring funds online is much safer.

Electronic checks or eChecks are made possible by an encoding system that blocks any possibility of data leakage. The personal data of the users as well as those relating to the supplies are thus protected.

Where to play and pay with eChecks?

With the use of the eChecks method at the online casino, you get bonuses on your casinos in Canada. After adding the eChecks payment option, online casinos offer players some great bonuses.

The number of casinos accepting the eChecks method is progressing. In France, it is already possible to use electronic checks in several casinos. If you live in Switzerland, we have taken care of selecting the popular casinos that will allow you to use this service as a method of payment to enjoy different games.


  • What is an eCheck?

    An eCheck is the electronic version of a traditional paper check. Accepted by eCheck casino, it is also called "delayed transfer". Indeed, unlike a standard transfer, the bank takes several days to perform, because it first checks if the account of the buyer is sufficiently supplied to make the payment. The eCheck is a product of PayPal.

  • How do eChecks work?

    To use eCheck, you must have a PayPal account and link it to your bank account. Then, when paying on an online store, simply opt for a payment by eCheck PayPal and select the option "delayed transfer" on your e-wallet. The recipient will receive the funds in 3 to 5 business days.

  • What are the advantages of this method of payment?

    ECheck has several advantages. First, when using this method of payment, you cannot spend more money than you have on your bank account. Players who have trouble controlling their budget will appreciate. Besides, the fees associated with eChecks are often very low. Both eCheck casino and gamers find it highly secured, as gamers confidentiality are preserved. Obviously, this means of payment has a major disadvantage: its slowness.

  • Can I use them on online casinos?

    Yes, it is of course quite possible to use eChecks on online casinos. Just be aware that, as payments take a few days to be effective, you will not be able to play immediately after making the transfer.

  • Are they accepted by many online casinos?

    As PayPal is supported by many casinos, you will have no problem finding a site that accepts eChecks. However, it is a method mostly used in Canada and the USA.